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Brief description of the essence of Theophany, which took place in Ukraine on the eve of the Lent  (the 25 of February 2002).

The material, provided by us, contains the most important message about the upcoming  events, which are to happen on the most part of the world space, as well as on the territory of the Russian Federation and the European part of the continent. Please thoroughly read the text of the material given below.

This is essential for everyone!!!
This message is made on the basis of the urgent statements, made on behalf  of the well-known Saints, and first and foremost on behalf of the immortal Saint – Mah Avatar Babaji and Mahavatar Sathya Sai Baba. (Note: Babaji – is a Spiritual MESSIAH and the greatest Saint of India, who reached physical immortality  in 222 a.d. At the present moment his age comprises 1808 years).

... Babaji is neither a prophet, nor a foreteller. He is a proximate initiator  and performer of the future transformations. Babaji is holder of boundless authorities and Divine powers, at the present time aimed at  activating the destructive  processes and natural troubles, resulting in world destruction and  cataclysms, which are  the inherent part of creation.

The present message says that the natural disasters are not the only ones,  and according to the expression of the will of  Mah Avatar Babaji, some part of the Atomic potential, accumulated by the mankind for the last sixty years, will be immediately (and intentionally) released, which will cause unexpected and in the same time  massive catastrophe  of the most of European states, as well as destruction of the largest World Superstates. This event will happen as fast as lightning and involve the majority of progressive countries, including Israel, some part of Russia, America,  part of China and India, as well as half of European and small Muslim states.


Unfortunately it's not possible to cancel the future destruction of such  scope, but to avoid it individually is not only admissible but necessary as well. To stay safe from the possible harm and loss in this critical period, we provide (and at the same time bring to your notice) to take some preventive measures.
Being the higher representative of the Divine Powers, initiating the beginning of these events in the World, (Mah Avatar Babaji – at the same time) provides defense  for  his “spirit children” , within the period of the forthcoming convulsions, under the “cover” of salutary prayer “NAMAH SHIVAYA”, possessing   the power of absolute priority, capable of resisting the menaces,  originating from the elements: earth, water, fire, air and aether.

The reason of the forthcoming events is the idea: no reactionary powers,  being against any form of religiosity and spiritual life, must stay in the world. The Salvation will be given only to those, who will perform the intended spiritual work, established by the God himself, for all the inhabitants of the Earth. At the crucial  moments of confrontation, it is necessary to turn to the salutary prayers, those, which are the closest to your heart, or to use the prayer, offered by us: NAMAH SHIVAYA or OM KRIYA BABAJI NAMA  AUM, being the  most effective forms of prayers to keep the life safe from the forthcoming destructions. It is better not to disclose the represented (in the text) forms of the prayers, and to pray every day, having started this process beforehand.

In this way, the practical application of the represented material, will allow many of us to protect our future  from the danger, long before the forthcoming events.
For this purpose, we offer (additional) to keep the image of the only one in the world – Sacred Shivalingam, materialized in Odesa by  Mahavatar Sathya Sai Baba (in 2002) specially for this purpose. Those who will keep this image constantly (according to the words of Avatar) – will stay safe from the future destruction of the World (explanations to each  photo are provided at the end of each post).

At the same time, in December 2011, on an expedited basis, we start the  “Maha Yagia” - permanently active fire ceremony”, which is powerful enough to protect a large city or a massive region from cataclysm, epidemic, war conflicts as well as industrial catastrophes.



In this way your personal participation in this project will let to ensure  safety of families, children, relatives and friends (especially in respect of those, who are reluctant to read prayers for long time).


Consecrated –  vedic fire for this ceremony must be kept burning 24 hours and daily (during 24 hours) with simultaneous libation of melted  oil, as well as wheat, honey, fruit, sweets and herbs offerings, accompanied by complicated, Vedic hymns, and special prayers,  creating the so called “shield” around the region for the period, when the forthcoming cataclysms arise on the horizon.

As the practice proves, these methods, applied on the territory of India  for the last 12 months, are the most unprecedented way to pacify  the powers of nature, which cannot be influenced IN ANY OTHER WAY.


In this respect, we are ready to carry out this ceremony for a long time,  as the only Spiritual Power in the Universe, capable of producing drastic impact on the mechanics of natural processes – on earth, in water, in sky, and in the bowels of substance.
Participants of this ceremony will be able to stay under the permanent Heavenly cover of the prayer, accompanied by the  continuously burning Vedic fire.
All the ceremonies, connected with worshiping Sacred Vedic fire will be performed for long time without interruptions and time intervals, which is the solid guarantee of defense of the region and individual participants of the ceremony.
All those who wish will have an opportunity to take part in this ceremony individually or distantly, providing photos.


A lot of great and small signs, indicating the great changes in the near  future, are happening presently, as we approach the forthcoming events in the World.
In this respect we offer a brief description of the essence of Epiphany “Shrine”, granted by Mahavatar Sathya Sai Baba, for salvation of believers –  irregardless of confession and residence.
This Sacred Phenomenon was documented on the 25-th of February 2002 in Odesa city at 4:20 p.m. (Moscow) on the eve of the Great Lent, after the prayer for the future of our State was finished.
On the night of the 24-th/25 th February Theophany took place – it happened as appearance of “fire column”, which took the form of stone Shiva Lingam, the most worshiped  and the most Sacred “image” for all the inhabitants of the religious East.
It is generally accepted that the form of the Divine Shiva Lingam is the most sacred and the most worshiped image of the existing Universe.
It's also necessary to remark that it is  the biggest Shiva Lingam in the World not made with human hands, of non-volcanic and non-naturally-geologic origin, which was materialized by the Mystic Divine will of  Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba specially for  the followers of Russian-speaking states.
Mahavatar Sai Baba put inexhaustible Divine powers into this Shrine which is the most active Shiva Lingam of all those demonstrated by Him.         

In this respect it's worth mentioning that the photo of this Shiva Lingam  is capable of keeping  the living space of it's holder  completely safe from all the external displays of aggression.
Also, to implement the intended purpose most completely, maha-mantra NAMAH SHIVAYA  was provided on behalf of Sri Babaja and salutary prayer: SAI RAM PAHI MAM-SAI RAM RAKSHA MAM.

You can additionally order the following services at our centre:

  •    To learn the forecast as for the soonest critical events, which are to happen on the territory of your city (region) – as well as find out the safest places.

  • To order specially consecrated, (enlarged or pocket) photo of Shiva Lingam, to get special recommendations and blessing for defense.

  • To take part in the most effective – 24 hours-long fire ceremony (for yourself and your family) with the help of photo. (Note: Such 24hours-long ceremony is not performed anywhere in the World at the moment)

  • To purchase the “City Temple Garden” book. (About the unprecedented spiritual-ecological megaproject realization in Ukraine).

  • To purchase the “Russia awaits the tsar” book. Collection of the brightest predictions of holy fathers and predictions about Russia, about the restoration of monarchy and the institute of the emperor's crown, about the extension of the Russian empire, about the mission of the Russian emperor.

The historical message of Babaji.

In this chapter we shall briefly  represent the message of Mahavatar Babaji, who announces the beginning of the forthcoming era – era of purification with fire.  Babaji is neither a prophet, nor a Messiah, announcing the forthcoming events -  he is a proximate initiator and performer of the future destructions.  
The approaching challenges come from Him directly, as it's Him who is the source, which approves and authorizes the previous, present and the subsequent events, described in the message.
Presently life on Earth is on the edge of massive destruction, more crushing and shattering than previously.
Every person has to realize that the only One Who can give the defense from wars, epidemics and global cataclysms conquering the the planet, is God.
No government in the world  can defend the citizens of it's country from cosmic and natural cataclysms, industrial catastrophes and global changes, which conquered not only the Earth, but the whole Universe as well.

the final message of Babaji about the inevitability of the forthcoming destructions


During one of the forthcoming periods we shall witness the global nuclear  battle in relationships between the World powers. Nuclear fire will destruct everything on its way, everything which can live and is liveable. It already happened in the days of Krishna 5000 years ago, and in the days of Rama 11 000 years ago, all these  civilizations died from the Nuclear arms. It has always happened this way. As soon as the world mastered the nature of Nuclear energy – it got beyond control. The history of the planet  saw 48 civilizations die. All of them were the victim of Atom. We are the 49-th civilization, which mastered  the powers of nuclear, hydrogen and neutron energy.
Though this epoch events will happen another way. In one of the periods the destructions will be of such kind, that people will die at work and while sleeping and  “just where they stand”. The gas will kill them. People will die in their  houses from gas and radiation. The buildings will stay. It's only mankind that is in danger. Babaji warns us about it. For us to be ready.
Hairakhan,  the banks of Ghana,  Kurukshetra valley and most of India will be covered by thick layer of snow. The rivers will freeze. A little southward from Bareilly people will die from hurricanes, cold and floods. The climate will change completely.
The most significant event of our epoch will be the global (bloody and fire) revolution, predicted in ancient prophecies. It will be connected with a whole series of nuclear and atomic (bomb) attacks, accompanied by all-round violence and blood, though  Avatars have warned you about this event, hoping and asking not to take up arms in these circumstances.  
He repeated not once that such revolution is imminent and no one will be able to understand what's happening.
The war will be of such kind that “the sleeping” (figuratively those who do not take this message with all responsibility) will die. Everything will happen very quickly.
Those atomic arms and nuclear powers, which threaten the Earth today, will be destroyed by even more powerful weapons – mantra –  called MANTRA-BRAHMASTRA. This event will spread all over the world. Only the brave ones will survive. No one must panic when the catastrophe comes. Call for God and you will be saved.
In those days, when God Rama incarnated,  a grand, epic battle between Rama and Ravana happened, it continued for 14 days. In the days of Krishna the global war took 18 days. Coming back to our epoch, to the existing Dvapara Yuga  - the forthcoming destructions  will happen in a twink. They will be of such kind that those who sleep, will not wake up and those who stand will stay standing in the streets.
The whole world will transform through the destructions. During the destruction nothing will stay as it was. Only repeating God's name will be useful and  bring salvation, otherwise everything is hopeless for you. In the previous Dvapara Yuga, when God  Krishna ruled, (more than 5000 years ago), nobody knew, where the global revolution will break out. But when it started in Kurukshetra, people from all over the world gathered there to start the Global War.

Likewise Maharabhuji will show his Lila(play) to the world. As you know,  the flame of forthcoming revolution has already spread all over the World. There is no power, capable of stopping the fire, to extinguish this flame. Such superstates as Russia and America, even possessing the latest sorts of weapons will not be able  to confront this flame. Nothing of the invented will help. Everything will be destroyed. You must be ready to this revolution. If you are devoted to yoga, Guru, people, God, the flame of the fire will turn to cold for you. Be firm and  keep praying to God and the fire will turn to ice.  I will support you, no one can cancel my decision.
It is known from ancient treatises that predominantly yogis and yoginis will be those to take part in the forthcoming revolution. The revolution will involve titanic energies, known and unknown. They will be activated unexpectedly. The forthcoming events  are inevitable. Only those who are strongly determined to do good deeds, who will be deeply devoted to God, will be able to survive the destructions.
Presently you see only  how peaceful God can be, but soon you'll face His most furious form. The world will restore only after mass destructions. Babaji says – Kranti (destruction) will  happen very soon, and will spread all over the World in a twink.
Punjab, West Bengal, and some Muslim countries will be involved in unprecedented destructions. Some states will be destroyed down to the ground and never be able to restore again..


To protect yourself during this period it is necessary to follow the recommendations  and if possible to inform everybody, who may need your help, about it.
Everybody who will turn to the chosen form of the Divine, in this period, will suffer the least.
Many of those, who will manage to stay under protection of the Vedic fire will not be hurt at all. That's why it is recommended to initiate such fire in each city, praying for protection of those places, where most of the believers reside. Saving the  mankind in any possible way, each, who contributes to it – will be saved himself and will not suffer from the forthcoming destructions.
In historical times the Vedic fire was worshiped everywhere on the most part  of the European territory. But today this tradition has completely stopped existing. That's why absence of motivations to worship this superior natural element of fire, forces  Him to come back in an unnatural way, challenging everything that is capable to live.
Having turned for help in due time people will be saved.
Today the science has not yet developed to the level it had in those times. Mankind depends on the atomic energy. But always through the history of the Earth, when ATOM came to the fore,  the world was destroyed. That's why in the days of Ramayana, when  Ravana demon ruled, Lanka (Sri Lanka) was destroyed to such extent, that nobody lived there for more than 500 years. Neither fish, nor birds, nor human. Today the science has not yet developed to the level it was at  in those times. In the days of Mahabharata  , Lakshan could establish a protective wall around Sita, which could not be crushed or overcome in any way.
The time is coming, when people will worship the fire again and will find something, which was lost long ago. Those who will neglect worshiping the fire – will not be able to find anything  in the future world.
In the present moment – we can see only  God's peaceful side, but soon mankind will face His most furious form. The world will restore only after mass destructions. Babaji says – Kranti (destruction) will happen very soon, and will spread all over the World in a twink.
Punjab, West Bengal, and some Muslim countries will be involved in unprecedented destructions. Some states will be destroyed down to the ground and never be able to restore again.
So moving forward and finding salvation is possible through karma and mantra yoga. It is the only invincible weapon similar to vajra. If you use it you will not suffer even in times of total destruction. That's why don't ever deviate or stop following  the intended  path of karma yoga. Keep helping the mankind in all the ways known to you.
Today we'll  set an example for the whole World, as the Slavs have always been able to resist the destructions. Actually Russia has known how to hold on at all times (for example in the times of Krishna God, about 5000 years ago, when more than 618 millions  people died in the war) the territory of Russia and Ukraine did not suffer at all. In that epoch a grand Rajasuya Maha Yagna  was  performed on the territory of Ruthenia somewhere near Kiev.
Likewise, 11 000 years ago, when Ashvamegha Yagna was performed in the period of God Rama's  ruling, Russia avoided the grievous destiny as well.
More than once Babaji told the story about all the resources of Ravana kingdom having been used only to create tremendous and incredibly powerful bomb in the times of Mahabharata.
It was much more powerful than those existing today. Then, as opposed to that tremendous destructive bomb, some positive and constructive powers created something Even more powerful –  maha-mantra bomb.
That's why I'm telling you once more: mantra  is the only way...Don't waste time.. don't ponder, don't ruminate. Take a decision, look for people who think the same way....unite...there's little time left...if you do not succeed in time - you'll disappear...
The present message – is the final one from Babaji. There will be no other.


This video is provided to prove the material, represented by us in the message.  And it is not the last one. Rather on the contrary. Our compellation will be constantly supplemented with new video materials to form the preventive measures, aimed at defending and protecting our citizens from the challenge of forthcoming nuclear terrorist  act.
Each who contributes to spreading this information in the World will be rewarded for his merits and will be able to confidently protect himself and his relatives.
Daily from 2300 till 23 30(Moscow) we perform the common prayer service, which everybody wishing can join, regardless of their confession. The payer is aimed at creating the protective shield around Russia, Belorussia and Ukraine from the challenge of  the forthcoming destructions.
We would be glad to accept any participation in our prayer service.

The most powerful prayers for your protection:
OM NAMAH SHIVAYA – prayer to Shiva God;
OM KRIYA BABAJI NAMAHA AUM – prayer to Babaji;
SAI RAM – prayer to Sai Baba;
OM MAM PAHI MAM-OM MAM RAKSHA MAM; prayer to Divine Mother;
and also prayers to the Most Holy Virgin for protection of orthodox citizens

You may take part  any day from 23:00 (Moscow) til 23:30
To perform the prayer correctly, it's necessary to  take some water in the right hand and to express your intention. Then to pour the water from your hand on the floor and to start praying.
Everybody who will answer my calling, must be ready to the forthcoming work. The enemies have gathered already and shall go all the way, nothing will stop them and they will have mercy on nobody. So look for the opportunity to unite, while everybody's still having fun and wanton away- they useless empty lives. Don't forget, that today You (without any exaggeration) got vital information, which will preserve your and your relatives' lives. Be grateful to God for this message. I involved several most powerful vaticinators of Ukraine to draw the circle of the radiation damage as well as places, which will be within  the direct attack zone. Moreover, we tried to be as precise as possible to determine the time of this international terrorist act.



Millions of people all over the world  - have been scared with a frightful sound, bursting through the sky to the Earth.
It's a warning and sign before the events, described in our message.


Dear friends!
We are a non-commercial organization and exist only on a voluntary basis.
As for the moment we don't have any opportunity to announce the news, which would be able to prevent  millions of human lives from dying in hellfire, prepared for us by a bunch of psychically sick creatures, calling themselves – humans, widely.
In this respect I address to everybody, who learned about us, asking to provide all possible assistance and to support our project.
Any your participation is of (even more than) fateful importance and will be judged on its merits. Further functioning or our project will probably need organization of additional measures, as our plans extend much further than the present message.
We shall be sincerely grateful for the help provided, as all our further activity is completely impossible without your individual participation.
Don't close this page with indifference. God has forgotten neither about you, nor about those, who will happen to be in the area of the greatest risk. Support the project with you participation to the extent you deem appropriate for yourself. Everybody wants to live. Many of you have children, who are not guilty of anything and do not differ from all those residing in the points of direct attacks.
God will accept and appreciate this help more then any else.
God bless you!

The bank details for the charitable support:

- RUB wallet  - R 415715488957
- UAH wallet – U 205095483233
- USD wallet – Z 206044285020
- EUR wallet – E 327560623634

You can transfer money to WebMoney  wallet in any cash machine, you don't have to register for this.

For Ukraine residents:

Account of recipient  # 2909590076601
Name of the recipient's account PJSC “BANK CREDIT DNIPRO”
Bank code – 305 749
USREOU Code – 14352406
Payment destination – replenishment of current account.
Account #26252926448401
Parkhomchuk Oleg Stepanovych.

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